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Diminutive in size with big soulful eyes, sexy and sleek, with a models pout, hailing from the great city of Newark, NJ, Missouri is a talented Visionary, Producer, Stylist, and Entertainment Designer that has arrived. Her clothing runs the gamut of day to evening wear for the woman who’s sophisticated, with also a dash of flamboyance thrown in.

Having worked in the fashion industry for over 15 years, Missouri has hands-on training in the field of designs, styling and so much more. First influenced by her mother, Missouri began sewing at a tender young age. And aimed with a desire to be different, it wasn’t long before Missouri was designing outrageous attention-getting garments for herself, friends, and the fashion circuit alike. Her work has been featured in various boutiques and publications, and has made her the recipient of various prestigious awards, including Designer Competition a First Place—a trip to Paris!

But her talents don’t stop there, at a very young age, Missouri dreamed of producing and directing a Broadway production and 2012 she and her daughter premiered STYLETAINMENT The Show, A Cancer Survivor’s Story.

She attributes and accepts her talents as a God-given gift. “When I see fabrics, full of life and beauty God fills me with inspiration, ideas, and a passion to create.” And, this is the Missouri Signature Of Excellence…

Missouri creates for the woman who takes pleasure in herself and likes a luxe look. You can say Missouri is an “au natural Couturiere” designer of elegance, sophistication, flamboyant, practical, and most stunning.

Missouri's full biography will be printed in her book. "My Journey to STYLETAINMENT." Pre-Sales start August 1, 2020. 

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